Work with Me


I started my essential oil business in June of 2015 and it’s growing by leaps + bounds. And…we’re having SO MUCH FUN. 🙂

I’m currently looking for leaders who are passionate about natural health + wellness to join my team.


This is for you if…

  • Someone who’s ambitious, decisive and takes action
  • Willing to purchase an enrollment kit to get started (these kits start at $150)
  • Financially able to place a regular order by the 15th of each month in order to gain firsthand experience using the product and earn the free product of the month, as well as the highest bonuses and commissions
  • Excited about teaching classes (online or in person), sharing essential oils, and truly helping people
  • Prepared to spend 5+ hours per week on your business, including team calls + trainings
  • Ready to have FUN, dream BIG and make it HAPPEN! 🙂


Who would this be good for?

Building an essential oil business is an awesome opportunity for anyone, but I feel it’s especially good for:

  • Moms who would love to earn an income from home
  • Moms who would love to have a business, but don’t want to invest a ton of money in startup costs
  • Moms who want to be there for their kids but would still like to contribute to the family income
  • Moms who are already in the health + fitness industry and would like to create a new revenue stream
  • Mom bloggers who would like to create a new revenue stream
  • Moms who would like to be their own boss, write their own paycheck, and live their dream life 🙂


Why am I so focused on moms?

Well, because I’M a mom AND because I’ve had the good fortune of being a mom entrepreneur. I’ve been here for every one of my kids’ “firsts” – first words, first steps and more – because I have built a home business that blessed me with that opportunity.

So, if you’re interested and want to learn more fill out the form below!


Click here to email me for more info.


Do you have to be a mom to join my team?

Of course not! If you possess any of the qualities I mentioned above and you’re passionate about health + wellness, I would LOVE for you to join my team! Interested? Email me! 🙂

Ok, so why would you want to join my team?

In one word – experience.

I have four years experience in building successful businesses while raising my children. Over the last 4 years, I started a worldwide awareness day known as End Sex Trafficking Day of which I raised over $38,000 for, published my book with 59 influencers in the online business world, coached hundreds of small business owners, spoke at TEDx and was  featured on Marie Claire, Entrepreneur, Crazy Sexy Wellness, USA Today and more.

I know how to build a successful home business, and I can help you do the same.

When you join my dream team, you will receive:

  • Weekly coaching from me to help you reach your goals
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you’ll learn about using the oils and building your business
  • Essential Oils 101 Class file and 30 day email autoresponder ready for you to use to help market your eo business.
  • Tutorials on how to build a website, email list, and social media accounts for your business, and how to use systems + automation to streamline your business + save you time
  • Exclusive training on using online marketing and social media to boost your business + expand your reach
  • Tons of resources + information in our team HQ

If you’re interested and want to learn more, fill out the form below and I’ll be right back in touch.

Click here to email me for more info.


(Are you interested in getting started with essential oils but don’t want to build a business? Email me)