How to find your do good crowd so your biz can change the world – even if you’re feeling Clueless like Cher


When it comes to building philanthropy into your business model are you just as Clueless as the teens from the 90′s hit movie?

Are all of the new titles and types of giving leading you to want to throw up the big W and just say whatever! Well hang tight with me for today’s article and I’ll not only clear up for you just what types of giving back there is, I’ll also hopefully make it clear for you which ” crowd” (although none is more or less popular, this isn’t high school after all) is best for you and your business with where you’re at today.

This is the kind of thing that will keep you satisfied, standing out from the crowd and bringing change for years to come.

But once you know how to give in a way that makes sense for your business, you’ll be able to make the world a better place and get more fans, fun and fulfillment while doing it.
First let me break down the different “crowds” of entrepreneurs and businesses doing good and how they’re doing it.
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How to practice generosity in your life and business (even with a closed fist)


Generous – Showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected, showing kindness towards others. –



It’s something that the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs and light workers live by. Oprah, Richard Branson, Mother Teresa, Marie Forleo and Jesus all have talked about how practicing generosity is something to strive for and take on in all we do.


So why aren’t more people practicing it? One of the most interesting aspects of resisting generosity to me is the natural inclination to feel like the more you hold onto what you have the more you’ll have, whether it’s time, money or resources. And I get it. Say you have $100 to your name, it’s natural not to want to give $10 of it away but when you do give up the $10 the feeling of giving will be more rewarding than holding onto it with a closed fist. If you find it hard to be generous try to unclench your fist just a bit for todays post.


Here are a few ideas on how to practice generosity this year, this week, today or yes, even right now.

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 Instead of leaving the juice bar or coffee shop and going your merry way, buy the next person in lines drink. The element of  surprise generosity for them will be a beautiful start to their day.

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 Create a digital product to sell on your snazzy website with all proceeds going to your non profit of choice. Do you know how good your buyers will feel knowing they are doing good + getting an ebook for them?

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 When seeing your husbands socks on the floor yet again, instead of taking a deep breath and lecturing him again (I’m speaking from experience here) pick them up and don’t say a word.

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 The next time you think to yourself I should stop by homegirls house with that book she wants to read today or buy my man a treat and take it to his job…do it. Don’t let your selfish side stop you by reminding you all you have to do today.

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 Have a new virtual assistant, mailman, accountant or hair stylist? Send them a thank you card, bottle of wine or homemade dark chocolate sea salt cookies (my fav, by the way) thanking them for all they do.

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 Have a love for juicing, pilates or helping single parents with their budget? Hold a workshop, class or one on one help with them at a library, church or coffee shop.
The mere thought of giving is found to be euphoria inducing and a clenched fist when it comes to what’s yours will ultimately result in an internal fight and well a sore hand, you get the picture. Free up what’s yours a bit more often and you’ll find unexpected goodness will begin to open up.
Your turn! What’s your favorite way to be generous?




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How I landed on and my interview with my interviewer Lee Clifford of Altruette


Back in July I got an email that had me dancing around the living room like I use to when I heard New Kids on the Block come on the radio. Lee Clifford the co-founder of Altruette and a writer for emailed me because she saw my guest post on Design*Sponge and wondered if I would be open for an interview for


You can imagine how quickly I responded.


Once I was able to compose myself, I read up on Lee and realized what an amazing do good mission her own business, Altruette had and after she interviewed me I asked her if I could turn the tables and interview her.


Altruette is in business to change the world with each charm they sell. With every sale they make they give 50% of their profit to the chosen charity of that individual charm. Lee and Julie co-founders of Altruette were once journalists together at Fortune Magazine and decided to start a new business venture together after feeling like they could be contributing more to the world as entrepreneurs and change makers.



In our interview, we talked about how the idea of Altruette was sparked, how working as a journalist was a huge advantage for their business, landing in Oprah Magazine, the issues they have faced having such a big give built into their business model and what is to come.


To listen to our 13 minute interview,           listen below or listen here on itunes.



LOVE what Altruette is up to? Follow Lee + Altruette on twitter by clicking here and to look good and do good, check out Altruette’s website, here.



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How to find your way out of lost + found


In today’s video I’m talking about how before building philanthropy into my business I was caught up in all the wrong marketing methods until I finally felt like calling it quits on all of it! I was lost in long list of to do’s and new tricks to try, my passion was zapped.


I felt lost.


End Sex Trafficking Day brought more open doors for my business than I could have ever imagined and what is even better, is it was never meant as a strategic business move.


Join me on a free Q + A Conference Call about how I found my way out of the business lost and found box and how you can too!


Wednesday August 1st
1:00pm EST 


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Dare I say it?


Giving didn’t always come naturally for me, I use to fight it worrying I wouldn’t have enough. In fact, it wasn’t until I got married and was challenged by my husband that I truly began to learn  (and am still learning) how to embrace a lifestyle of generosity and give even when it hurts.

Give, even when it seems crazy.

Through giving of my time with End Sex Trafficking Day to giving of our money when we went through the hardest financial time of our lives, when we didn’t even know how the car payment would be paid, giving seemed, well…mad.


I have never regretted giving. Which brings me to my point, Rockateer, giving isn’t always easy.

When do I know I need to embrace generosity and give?


For me, it is a still small voice, and at first I usually resist it. Just recently, I was approached by Nichole Kellerman who is raising money for her Aunts much needed treatment. She was asking if I could donate something as she is having three huge packaged prizes for ladies that give and enter. Initially I thought, a one on one coaching session. But after going to hit send on the email twice I knew I needed to give more.


I am giving one spot away to Rocket Your Revolution, and one lucky lady will win it along with other amazing products + offerings. Click here to give + enter!
It seems as soon as I give big. I am blessed. After telling Nichole what I would be donating, hours later…an invite to speak at this was delivered into my inbox. I am sure there are those that feel that is just coincidence, but me…I think not. I know without a doubt everytime I have given big and without expectations of what I will get from it…I receive big.


You have to turn the knowing into doing. You know you should embrace generosity and you may even want to embrace philanthropy.

Ask yourself what is stopping you? If it’s fearing you won’t have enough…I got a public service announcement for you, you will have more than enough. Read this quote from an interview with Marie Forleo on the Rise to the Top,


If you have that inkling inside you that you want to have social entrepreneurship baked into your business model, FREAKING do IT! Do NOT wait, everything will explode, like you can’t believe. ~ Marie Forleo

Have you embraced generosity + taken on philanthropy in your business? I promise you won’t regret it. Rocket Your Revolution rockets into do good action on August 5th. Amp the World + Amp your Business. Click below to sign up!


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