Have you been wanting to get started with essential oils but have no clue where to start?

That was me. When my friend sent me dōTERRA samples in 2012, I couldn’t believe how quickly they helped my daughter get to sleep. I flipped through the guide and was amazed at how many ways they could support our health and wellness.

Even though they worked so great, I decided to use the cheap kind, after all, we all love good deals on Amazon Prime right? Wrong. Not only did the ones I found on Amazon smell entirely different but I could only use them 1 out of the 3 ways I could use dōTERRA oils. I may like a deal, but I adore effectiveness and value way more.

Around that time I was asked to host an essential oils class – of course I said yes, I wanted free dōTERRA oils! Funny thing is, I had just quit my coaching business, and was in a place where I knew I wanted to take on something else but didn’t know what. Well God answered my prayers and made it super obvious dōTERRA was it! The class I was supposed to host I decided to TEACH and I held my first class before I even got my kit!

Once I got my kit in the mail, I WAS HOOKED. dōTERRA lives up to their name, which means Gift of the Earth! They smelled so pure, are so potent, I could use them in so many different ways and best of all, they WORKED!

That’s when I realized how much I was wasting my money on the cheap ones! Since there is no governing body over essential oils there is a lot of adulteration, mixing with synthetics and “pure”oil claims out there.

I’ve been using dōTERRA and only dōTERRA since I got my starter kit, I trust them completely and here’s why:
  • dōTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and are beyond organic standards with no filler, artificial ingredient, chemical substitutes or contaminants. They are sourced all over the world and each batch of oil is tested 7 different ways for purity and potency.
  • dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing model enables growers to be paid fair and predictable prices (like fair-trade coffee) and the resulting crops benefit from improved growing practices. I fell even more in love with doterra when I heard about the impact they are making in the world. I’ve been super energized about making a difference in the world since End Sex Trafficking Day and partnering with a company that is even more passionate about it has been such a blessing. They were recently interviewed by Forbes on how they are reinventing the supply chain for impact on poverty.
  • dōTERRA’s company culture is impeccable. They operate with an incredibly high degree of integrity and generosity, and I am honored and proud to use and share their oils with others.

The work they are doing all over the world is SO incredibly INSPIRING. I am so thrilled to have partnered with a company that truly cares. Watch the video below to watch how they source Vetiver essential oil and how they give back to the community that harvests it.

The more we used them, the more we fell in love with the company, the benefits and the change they were bringing to our lives. My husband Fred fell in love with digestzen, he’s a man who loves to indulge in a bit too many wings 😉

I couldn’t not share these oils, or the company, they have too many good things happening all over the world and in my miracle makers lives.

So how do you get started?

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