4 steps to getting major influencers to believe in your movement (without begging)


I remember skipping through the living room dancing and screaming hysterically with my pj’s on while my one year old clumsily chased me like it was yesterday.


Seth Godin said YES! I couldn’t believe that someone like Seth said yes to being a part of the End Sex Trafficking Book, when just months before I didn’t have a website, let alone an idea for a movement.

I get asked time and time again how I got Seth Godin to believe in my movement enough to say yes to joining in and so I’m going to break it down for you in 4 easy steps. Learning this way of building relationships is priceless for your movement and your business and you’ll use it time and time again once you’ve got it down.
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How to take charge of misery + take action

Kids getting murdered.
Tornadoes tearing cities a part.
Women enslaved.

I think many of us can agree, as members of the vast human race we get emotional when others are suffering. I’m no trauma or grief counselor but for myself and perhaps many of you, it seems that we go through a stage of 3 waves of reaction that I’m sharing with you today. I find it’s very useful to be able to know and recognize these waves of reaction because ultimately it can help us as individuals and entrepreneurs find a cause we’re passionate about making a difference in and take action.
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What 10 piercings and 6 tattoos taught me about courage




Confession time: when I was in college, I got 6 tattoos and 10 piercings…I loved the feeling of doing something that scared me, the adventure, the courage exhilarated me every time.

When I was 19 getting my first tattoo I knew what I wanted…in fact I knew I had to have it. The one thing holding me back was I knew it was going to hurt. The steps leading up to getting one, finding the right style of tattoo, the right font, the perfect tattoo artist and making the appointment just took planning and decisiveness.


It didn’t take courage. In fact, I only needed courage for a split second. I needed courage from the moment I sat down in that tattoo chair and waited for the buzzing metal needle to touch my goose bumped covered skin.


I needed courage for about 30 seconds. 30 seconds of acting without giving into fear, without getting up and wimping out. And although I have six tattoos, I need it every time I sit down in that chair. Cause you better believe I’m getting more.


Courage is defined by Merriem Webster, as the mental or moral strength to venture and withstand fear.


Any time we stand up for something we believe in or take on a new challenge or venture we must be courageous even if for a moment. 


- Saying yes to a speaking invite.
- Starting a do good mission.
- Standing up for what you believe in.
- Getting vulnerable.
- Being generous with your time, money and wisdom.
- And sometimes, just showing up.


It’s not just about getting tattoos. When Richard Branson started Virgin Galactic, when Oprah left her tv show to start her own network, when Lady Gaga started her own non profit they all needed courage. Courage to do something new, courage to stand up for what is right and courage to not care what people think.


They knew their ideas mattered. They knew they had to act on them and they knew that this life is the only chance they’ve got.


When I saw the scary truth about sex trafficking and how even little girls as young as 7 are being bought for sex, I knew I needed to be courageous, and do something that may fail just to stand up for them.


When I allowed courage to trump my doubts and my fears remarkable things happened. And I want them to happen for you too, in a safe and enthusiastic space. Why do I care so much about you being courageous? Because I have seen a common theme among entrepreneurs who want to do something to give back with their business.


They’re short on courage and full of hindrances, and I’m tired of it.


So I’ve created a space for you to create with your story, with your compassion and most of all with courage. A virtual workshop called UNCOVERING COURAGE for 2 days with 25 women who all need the space to create a do good mission but have been stuck on where to start.


We will get vulnerable, get happy and show up to serve the world. So if you’ve been wanting to work with me, this is the time to do it and if you know someone who this would be perfect for, share this post with them!


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Hope is Real: My Interview w/ Amy Clover of the 30×30 Project

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 6.24.38 AM


When I saw Srini from Blogcast Fm tweeting about Amy Clover from Strong Inside Out and read about her 30×30 project I knew I had to share her story. What Amy’s doing is exactly what I teach my clients to do in my 6 week course Rocket Your Revolution so you know I had to sit down and talk with her about this movement.

Amy’s goal is simple, to spread hope and let people know who are living with depression that hope is real. She’s created a do good mission with a cause so near and dear to heart one she herself use to struggle with. She paired her story with her profession of personal training to create one dynamic revolution. Click play to watch this 9 minute video below.



Amy now has 4 days left and just under $10,000 to raise…and it can happen. Share this post or her indie go go page with your friends and donate what you can. If 200 people donated just $50 this do good dream would become a reality.


Donate by clicking here


What story from your past could you use to fuel your do good mission? Perhaps it’s one you’re ashamed of. Know this, by sharing your story you could change someone else life.




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p.s. Wanting to spread hope + use your business to make impact in the world? Rocket Your Revolution is open for enrollment but space is limited so read about it and sign up by clicking here.

Get your flight jacket on!



(Insert loud rocket blast off noise!)


I may have to drink a cup of chamomile to calm myself down, I’m overjoyed+ exploding with excitement because today ROCKET YOUR REVOLUTION my 6 week online course that teaches you how to build philanthropy into your business in an explosive way has opened it’s doors for the 2013 class!


This work, this mission of mine of spreading the do good mission to you + your business means so much to me not only because I’ve done it but because I know it’s 100% a part of you, me, your Mama and your cousins DNA…giving.


And the good news is – through Feb. 1st there is a lovely launch discount (and it won’t ever get cheaper than this people)! So please do me a favor, watch the vid (p.s. I’m thinking this is my husbands best work!), read what it’s all about and if it gets your heart racing with excitement thinking all the world changing possibilities that we can create together, sign up today (because space is limited)!




Much love + rocket launching,




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