Why this is bigger than Ashton Kutcher.


Two weeks ago in the middle of our IndieGoGo campaign, searching for “big” ideas to get money coming in…I came up with something HUGE (or so I thought). Ashton Kutcher as you may or may not know works to end sex trafficking…in fact he has his own organization. Ashton Kutcher also happens to have over 15 million followers on Twitter. So I put a click to tweet together and put out the call for HELP tweeting Ashton in all of my Facebook communities.

They rocked my world, and over 200 people tweeted Ashton.


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.39.10 AM


I was sure he would tweet about our campaign and that millions of people would then get to join the movement by heading to our campaign page.
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Why doing something matters more than what happens next


This week I realized I haven’t said one word about End Sex Trafficking Day since it’s happened. I have been so full of disappointment that it made me silent.


I know what you are thinking, she pulled it off, why is she upset? Before you go there let me explain.


Last night while talking to my husband I realized something about myself (I’m 30 and this is still happening). I thrive on projects. I love taking something on, accomplishing it and moving on to something else. Call me an accomplishment addict, or an over achiever but whatever it is it needs to take a break.




Because I haven’t stopped to celebrate what End Sex Trafficking Day was and still is.


And because of that I haven’t dealt with my unmet expectations of EST Day. I wanted to raise $200,000 for the Not For Sale Campaign in one day.


It didn’t happen. And to be honest I don’t know how many copies sold. I am purposely waiting until I get the quarterly check from the publisher. I do know that because of the paperback not being available on Amazon on the big day (which was out of my hands) I am still dealing with disappointment. I sat crying on my friends spare bed in New York City stuffing my face with a chicken salad sandwich crying. I remember calling Fred (my husband) and saying, “This isn’t fair, I’ve worked so hard for 10 months.”


And it wasn’t fair, but I had to suck it up.


I went out to dinner and tearfully described what was about to happen the next day. I told some of the amazing contributors that the paperback wouldn’t be up on Amazon over an delish vegan meal on the eve of End Sex Trafficking Day and they surprisingly said,


April Bowles-Olin + Hubby, Michelle Ward, Ishita Gupta, Paul Farmiga, Mayi Carles + Hubby, Myself, Amber McCue + Dave Ursillo


“Screw launch day…don’t let this ruin it for you.”


And I’m now deciding I won’t let it. Just because I didn’t hit #1 on Amazon or raise $200,000 in one day I worked my butt off for something I believed in.


I am choosing to recognize it as a success anyways, and for these reasons:


- I feel like I am making a difference, and that is how I want to feel.

- Nearly 4000 people watched  two videos that educated them more on what Sex Trafficking is and exactly what is happening.

- I was able to gather 59 people that I admire around this cause.

- I have connected with a dozen of non profits that are fighting this atrocity every day.

- I have inspired other entrepreneurs and businesses to do good and do business, which is now my work.

- This book won’t go away, it will always be for sale with proceeds going to the Not For Sale Campaign.


I am going to refer to this post whenever any mean chatter starts to come into my head. And here is where I would love your help. Did End Sex Trafficking Day inspire you to do good or educate you for the first time on Sex Trafficking? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments below.


Thanks for allowing me to be real with you.


Much love,



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P.S. The book is still for sale, head this way to watch + share. 



Today is End Sex Trafficking Day


I’m thrilled to say that after 10 months of planning, emailing, strategizing, pitching, writing and editing End Sex Trafficking Day — a call to action with a message, that hits straight to the core is finally here.

Buy a copy of End Sex Trafficking for $20 — a collection of 60 essays on love, knowledge + freedom by trailblazers like Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Jonathan Fields and yours truly— and all of the authors proceeds goes to the Not For Sale Campaign an organization fighting to abolish slavery every single day.


None of the essay contributors, the publisher or myself is taking any money from sales, it’s not just a book, it is a chance to change the world.

Watch the one minute video now.
More than 27 million human beings are enslaved in the world in 2012. So — you want to stand up for freedom…today?




Let’s get this pressing message to all the hearts and lit up screens we can.



Click to tweet:

Just bought a copy of End Sex Trafficking. $20 = Women Freed + One Step Closer to abolishing modern slavery #ESTDay2012 http://bit.ly/GC8ff9

Tweet to free lives, help us end sex trafficking today on End Sex Trafficking Day #ESTDay2012. http://bit.ly/GC8ff9

9 days left–here is to mega faith, being brave & a book that WILL free women

Let me tell you, one thing I have learned in End Sex Trafficking Day’s 30 day fund raising campaign is that raising 10k in 30 days isn’t for the weak at heart.

I have had to practice a fantastic amount of faith, nothing but positive talk and courage…asking things of people I wouldn’t normally. But when you truly believe in something you will dive deep into your fears and have at it.

faith, courage, and positivity challenges–

- asking amazing people like Danielle La Porte, Seth Godin, Jonathan Fields and Kate Northrup via email if they would write for the book you are putting together to End Sex Trafficking. What made it worth it, they said YES.

- asking your twitter, fb and email contacts to GIVE. The reward? We have raised over $6300 in just 21 days and have just 9 days left!!

- Emailing everyone you know to see if they will feature a guest post or an interview so I can get the WORD OUT. Result…crazy amounts of yes’s

Message of this post? When your action, words and thoughts line up with something you truly believe in doors open and ease happens. 

So here is more courage for ya, have you given yet to End Sex Trafficking Day? If not, I ask that if you are able to give $5 or more, please do. We have 9 days to bring this book to life so that we can fight the 2nd largest industry in the world.

Click HERE to watch the powerful 2 minute video.

Click HERE to donate.

Much love,


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