1 big reason your impossible hasn’t happened yet (and why for these entrepreneurs it has and how it can for you too)


It’s not always one day if it’s meant to be it will be.

When I was working on my book, End Sex Trafficking I realized one thing (ok, way more than one but for times sake we’ll say one) I was going after my impossible. I was editing a manuscript and getting my first book published. Something I never even considered doing because I didn’t think I could do it.
Every time I talk to an entrepreneur about how I made the leap or went from day job to food stamps to tedx speaker in just over a year they say one of two things.

“Wow, how did you do it?”
or…”I would love to do xyz but I’m so busy, so I haven’t”

Today I’m going to be covering the 1 big reason why your impossible hasn’t happened yet and why for some of the entrepreneurs I’ve talked to including myself, it has.
This 1 big reason has been instrumental for my growth and it’s been the biggest lesson I’ve learned since dumping my day job. And it’s super important if you have something big you want to accomplish that you haven’t. Whether it’s changing the world one project at a time, seeing your name on Entrepreneur Magazine or creating something completely new…
This is the kind of thing that can keep you moving forward at lightning speed, putting the phrase “one day” not just on the back burner but on the bonfire pit in the back yard burning up.
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How to remind yourself that what you’re doing is game changing

In 2013 I had the honor to work with someone I absolutely adore in her program Step Into Your Starring Role (and it’s open now!)…I’ve always felt complete love, adoration and wonder for Tanya Geisler and as I began working with her I knew why.

She has an ability that’s so pure, so simple yet so profound to sense just what it is you’re meant to truly stand up for, to claim and to wear with no apologies what so ever. I was at a time in my business when it seemed to be growing a bit too quickly for me. I was getting tons of attention online and yet didn’t feel comfortable in the shoes I was clumsily wearing.

She quickly helped me realized a few things about myself and where I was.
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Taking risks, interracial marriage, crazy confessions…some of the best things I’ve said or written that you can’t find here.

I’ve written many articles, told several stories and shared a lot of goodness here on my site or as I consider it my online home. But I’ve also shared a different side of myself in recent interviews, guest blogs and podcasts and I often forget to highlight this work, that I enjoy just as much.
So today, I’m sharing work I’ve created and said elsewhere because just as I share my articles here these too deserve to be shared with you.
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Want to make impact this year? Tune in first.

I’ve never been one to set resolutions, the curiosity, desire and drive just wasn’t there for me. But I do love to dream. I love to think about things that I want to experience in a new year, ways I want and need to feel.

Believe it or not, I don’t always follow through, and I’ve learned that’s a good thing.

I use what I learned in the year before and let that be a lesson to what I want and don’t want in this new year. I usually start the year off journaling and by March I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’ve chosen words that I want my year to be about; for example, 2012 was amplify and 2013 was believe.



This year, I’m switching it up…

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5 skills every social entrepreneur needs to master


When Steve Jobs recited one of my favorite quotes in his ever famous Apple Think Different TV ad, he knew exactly what he was talking about. He knew that in order to think you could change the world in any way you have to be a bit crazy. To quote him, Steve said, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” (click to tweet that)


If that quote scares you, you weren’t born to be a social entrepreneur, and that’s ok. If it pumps you up and makes you smile from ear to ear, as it does for me, then read on.

Perhaps you need a reminder what it’s going to take to do good with your business or maybe you are in transition and really need some help figuring out if being a social entrepreneur is something for you. Today I’m covering 5 skills every social entrepreneur needs to master if they’re going to do this work for the long haul, with these skills you’ll be able to outlast many, change things that need changed and prosper.
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