Hello, I’m Erin Giles.

As far back as I can remember I’ve been all about big ideas:

  • The friendship bracelet business I started in 5th grade that came to a screeching halt once I got called into the principal’s office. Who knew it was a no soliciting zone?
  • The Etsy shop I started on a whim so that I could break away from my day job after having my daughter.
  • The un-paid awareness campaign I started while on food stamps because the thought of millions of people enslaved kept me up at night.

Ideas connect people and inspire us.

My life’s work and love is seeing passionate ideas transform into reality, and I’m devoted to helping people do just that.

My work + big ideas

I am the founder of End Sex Trafficking Day, an annual campaign that brings people of all ages together online to bring awareness to a very serious issue.

I’m the author of two books. The first is, End Sex Trafficking, a collaborative book that includes 59 other wonderful authors such as: Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Tara Mohr and Jonathan Fields. And the second is Amp Your Ask a small ebook that shows you how to connect and build relationships in a way that feels good to everyone involved.

I work with women who are passionate about their big idea and are ready to make real progress.

I also speak at workshops, retreats and events on starting a movement and going for the idea that’s in your heart even when it seems crazy.

In the past 15 years, I’ve:

Done the college thing. Left with a BA in Sociology and a Graduate degree in Education of which I produced a fashion show for my thesis project (and do believe, I walked the catwalk).

Married the love of my life after knowing each other for two months.

Had two beautiful babies without drugs, another crazy idea that was worth every minute.

Been self employed for 3 years while raising our kids at home. I’ve worked with over 200 passionate entrepreneurs and have had my writing seen or featured on such websites and publications as Forbes, Inc., Marie Claire, Huffington Post, USA Today and Crazy Sexy Wellness.

You may also want to know…

I am from Ohio where my Dad, my purple heart carrying hero, still resides. I now live in Greenville, SC where I miss the snow from a distance.

I am obsessed with tea and cream and adore the time spent connecting around tea, hence my new show.

I’m not afraid to quit. I dropped out of culinary school when I was 18 because the thought of being stuck in a hot kitchen being screamed at for 12 hours straight was anything but delicious.

My amazing husband just went after his dream to start a diverse, non-denominational church. Which if you would have told me in college (while getting low on the dance floor) that I would be a pastors wife, I would have laughed. Today, I’m honored.

I love this quote from Kid President, “Ideas. Stories. Dreams. The more we share them — the more awesome things get.”

So let’s make things awesome.

Thank you

For stopping by. It’s my hope that my story and work inspires you to take action with heart. 

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