We’re in a new economy, one that need’s our genius and needs our innovative solutions…so let’s show up and bring all we’ve got.

I’m Erin Giles, Business Philanthropy Consultant and if you’ve ever thought to yourself…

- “I want to feel like my work truly matters.”

- “I need to find a way to stand out from my competitors and become the genuine and generous business owner I desire to be.”

- “I’d love to have a business that not only boosts my wallet, impacts my clients and customers but impacts the world.”

-  ”I wish I could give back, I just don’t feel like I have the time!”

Or if you’ve ever thought, “if I could just find a cause I’m passionate about I could dedicate my skills and resources to support it.”

…You’ve come to the RIGHT place!



Here’s How I Can Help You Get More Fans, Fulfillment and Fun

by Turning Your Business into a Movement.


Speaking at TEDxFoCo in May of 2013


As founder to more than 400 companies business icon Richard Branson says, “There’s no greater thing you can do with your life & your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you…we must realize that doing good is good for business.” I’m here to help you create that business…to help turn your business into a movement.


To turn your business into a movement, you have to be passionate, generous, enthusiastic and ready to take action. This is what entrepreneurs are made of after all!


When you amp your responsibility to the world through your business you attract raving fans, loyal clients, a business that stands out, media coverage and not to mention the euphoric feelings that giving brings us.




In 2011 I left my full time job and launched my first online business. My plan failed because I didn’t bring my genuine passion to my business and the lack of clients proved it. But once I found my point…everything changed. My eyes and heart were opened to the frightening truth of sex trafficking. I couldn’t give money to fight the cause, in fact my failing business led us to have to get on food stamps. So I put my wisdom, resources and time to work for what I could to fight sex trafficking and created End Sex Trafficking Day. This virtual event raises money online for anti human trafficking organizations.

I then came to the realization that many other entrepreneurs all over the world desire to change the world with their business, they just need help doing it.

Through my work in this movement, I have:

- Built a growing business that is helping women all over the world find their point and turn their business into a movement.

- Raised 10k in 30 days so that the book I organized and edited could be published with all proceeds going to charity.

- Published the End Sex Trafficking book with 60 top entrepreneurs and authors including; Seth Godin, Danielle La Porte, Carol Roth and Erika Lyremark.

- Raised over $25,000 in our 2013 IndieGoGo campaign.

- Sent thousands of dollars to an anti human trafficking organization.

- Received national press and spoke at TEDxFoCo in May of 2013.


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Let's turn your business into a MOVEMENT -
It's time!

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Here’s to movement making,






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