Want to make impact this year? Tune in first.

I’ve never been one to set resolutions, the curiosity, desire and drive just wasn’t there for me. But I do love to dream. I love to think about things that I want to experience in a new year, ways I want and need to feel.

Believe it or not, I don’t always follow through, and I’ve learned that’s a good thing.

I use what I learned in the year before and let that be a lesson to what I want and don’t want in this new year. I usually start the year off journaling and by March I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’ve chosen words that I want my year to be about; for example, 2012 was amplify and 2013 was believe.



This year, I’m switching it up…

I sat down in October and wrote out my plan for the year for my business. Money goals, check. Dreams, check. Relaxation and family time a high priority, you bet. But then in November I sat down and declared my 2014 core desired feelings, thanks to Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map.
Suddenly it felt good to know that my plans are going to change. My goals are going to have to be flexible because knowing what I want to feel and making sure I feel that and experience that in my relationships, wellness, business and my soul is what is important.
What good is it if I raise $100,000 for charity if I’m not putting my family first? What would my year look like if I compared my business to bigger businesses that had huge teams that didn’t consist of a baby and toddler?

So what do I desire, trust and know for 2014?

I know that I feel warm, loved and alive when I feel:
and Wonder

I know that my family comes first. I know that this is the only chance at life I’ll ever get. I know that while my children are small my business will be small-ish and that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful. I know that I desire to be cherished by my husband, friends and feel harmony and closeness with more people and that requires me to get offline and live in person more. I know that I deeply desire to help my clients feel the joy in being greathearted in using their stories and experiences to change the world. I know that I love the wonder and crave the adventure of international travel, meeting new people and doing new things that require courage.

Your turn…

I encourage you to tune in to the Desire Map, recognize your desires, set your intentions and goals for 2014. When you gift this to yourself your business, relationships and your essence will be in harmony and ultimately will thank you for it.
The change will first start in you and then will begin to ultimately spread to everyone in your world. Want to make impact in your clients lives and the world, tune in to you first.



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Phillipa Kiripatea

I love the rule on airplanes that you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. It translates so well to so many other aspects of life.
I’m so happy this year you’re going to work on your dreams and goals for yourself and your family xx


As are you Phillipa:)!


I just found this post after Googling some words about Goal settings / New year ? Danielle Laporte… I like your words : Cherish and Wonder. And I so agree with the metaphor of the oxygen mask on the airplanes from your reader Philippa… So true! I am also big fan of Danielle Laporte and can related with falling off the wagon by March…! I just wrote a blog post about this too! If you wish to discover my words here is the link : http://unlieusurterre.com/un-ravelling-to-a-new-year-part-one/

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