Fear of rejection? Opportunity awaits.


I used to be terrified of rejection.


I purposely spelled a word wrong in the days leading up to the 4th grade spelling bee so that I wouldn’t get all the way to the competition and make a fool out of myself in front of everyone.


I never played sports if I had to try out. Just the thought of it scared me and my purple glasses.


Request a raise, ask a guy out (after getting dumped over the phone by his friend), try out for the school play, go door to door when selling Christmas wrap…out of the question.


We can sit and pick a part why this is, like my Sociology majored self loves to do but when it comes down to it the fear of rejection kept me from living for so long. I lived, but I didn’t take chances and I most definitely didn’t lead. I blended in, followed the masses…did what was safe. Because after all it was too scary putting myself in a position where someone would say no to me, what would I do then?


You never really get past the fear of rejection. At times I’m sure all of us think to ourselves, “they may so no, or I may get turned down.” What matters is not basing your actions and decisions on rejection, on the what-if factor. Because 90% of the time what you are afraid of won’t happen and if it does it won’t affect anything but your ego.


What happens if you don’t get rejected? If they do say yes? If you get the raise, or the business deal, the date of your dreams, business partner of a lifetime, dream client or mentor you had always dreamed of.

The opportunity that lives in a “Yes” is worth far more than the hit your ego takes if you get a “No”. (Click to tweet)


I can say without a doubt, I now take moves, “try out”, send emails and make asks without letting the fear of rejection stop me and I found that the only way I could move through the fear was to actually do what I was afraid of. What I have gained, learned and accomplished because of it has been incredible.


Do you let the fear of rejection stop you from taking moves and making asks? Tell me about them in the comments below.


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