Dream Clients, we all got em’. What will you do about it?


Recently I listened to an interview with Erika Lyremark and Alexandra Franzen (a lesson from Hustle Your Business Bootcamp) and Alex told a story of a smart and innovative entrepreneur who listed dozens of people they wanted to have lunch with and was excited to make it happen. Alex was on the list and she said just by being on the list made her feel so honored that she was thrilled to have lunch with Nicole.


It got me thinking. How could myself, and EVEN you (yes, you) put this same idea into action?


Perhaps you could list people that inspire you that you would love to interview one day.
A list of people that you would love to join you on your do good revolution. (it works, trust me)
A list of people you dream to have as clients. (a-ha, I knew this was it for me!)


You may think this seems incredibly ballsy…and it is. But, there is no better way to exude confidence in your skills and your business than to email people you DREAM of working with and start a conversation about working with them. For instance, for me some of my current dream clients are Jen Louden, Alex Franzen and Nisha Moodley…and I may or may not have emailed all of them and may be working with them very soon. (wink, wink;)


I would love to hear from you in the fb comments below! Tell me, who do you dream of working with? Why don’t you email them and start a conversation about it?



 ** P.S. Are you starting to feel that—while you definitely want continued success in your business—you know there is SO much more to it?

Let’s create your do good mission together.



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